Designing Eye-Catching Retail Units – Alliance Ireland

When opting for a new design for a retail space, the main objective we tend to hear from our clients is that they wish to design a shop that will attract more customers.

A drab, boring or cluttered design is likely to turn potential shoppers away, which is why designing an eye-catching retail space is so important. Here at Alliance Ireland, our expert retail refurbishment team have decades of experience in creating unique, eye-catching retail spaces. Below we have outlined some design ideas to consider.

Importance of the Shop Front

The shop front is often the first thing people will see and will play a major impact in shaping their perception. As such, a well-designed shop front is vital in enticing customers into your shop. Bright, welcoming entrances, a clear sign, fresh paint, these all go a long way to creating a shop front that attracts customers. We also recommend considering interesting window displays, or maybe some extras for the curbside.

Interesting, Well-Thought-Out Interior

No doubt, the interior design is the most vital aspect for your shop, as this is the area in which 99% of your potential customers will be making their purchasing decisions. Your interior needs to be inviting, easy to navigate and compelling. Plenty of thought needs to be put into your display techniques to create a positive customer experience. Based on your type of business and available space, we can make recommendations on which interior designs and fittings will work best.

Speak To The Experts

One of the easiest ways to create a retail space that works is to employ the services of experienced refurbishment experts. Call us today to speak with one of our retail refurbishment experts.

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